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Q500 - 500 holes with one hickory golf ball.

Side by side: New pearly white and the "Q500" after 126 holes.

A follow up to the recent article Hickory Golf balls - Why, a McIntyre Ouimet golf ball attempts to defy all odds and survive for 500 holes!

This article exists because I was eager to put the cracking issue experienced with the previous generation mesh ball (The Victor) to a full test. That first go around with the earlier McIntyre ball ended in disappointment when the covers cracked unexpectedly. The problem was widely reported and eventually diagnosed as due to the first generation Wilson Duo covers being too hard for the ultra low compression core. This was a flaw that originated with Wilson's R&D and had nothing to do with the secondary process of creating a hickory ball.

The McIntyre Golf Company didn't wait for Wilson to rectify its cover issue (the Duo has since been re-engineered) and used an entirely different ball for their 2nd generation mesh ball labeled "The Ouimet".

I have been anxious to hit the links with the classic looking ball once again and finally got my chance. After 8 rounds and 144 holes of banging around the same ball, I am happy to report, that the cracking issue is history. ;)

But then why stop here? The idea to see just how long one golf ball can survive seemed like a fun experiment and goofy Don Quixote like quest to try. So the following is an ongoing account of the trials and tribulations of one McIntyre Ouimet golf ball. I tried to add a little humor to the journey, but it's probably best to keep my day job. :lol:

When and where will the final whack lead to an eternal resting place? What sorts of highs and lows will be recounted? What will the ball look like towards the end? Can it survive for 500 holes? ...Updates and pictures to follow.

Weed Golf Course - Mt. Shasta California

The Q500 Diary
First Round - Sharp Park - Pacifica
1st Par - Sharp Park - #1 Par 4.
A Bob Hope swing and the first whack of adventure left about 140 yards. Ball sitting down a bit in an old divot was a sign of the challenge that lie ahead. Missed green, but a good chip left a formality of a tap-in and a promising start.

1st Bogey - Sharp Park - #4 Par 5.
A 3 putt from 6' above hole... oops!

1st Birdie - Sharp Park #5 Par 3.
A nice bounce back after 1st bogey.

Pajaro Valley GC - Watsonville
Manged to shoot one under par for 18 holes = 71. Good times! 8-)
Total = 36 holes.

The Q500 after 28 holes and a crisp logo. :)

Santa Teresa GC - San Jose with Michael and Jimmy
1st Double Bogey - #13 Par 4 - golf is hard!
1st Eagle - #17 Par 5 - a "chip in" from just off the green. - golf is fun!
Total = 54 Holes.

A toast to surviving 54 holes and to a chip-in eagle! The McIntyre logo is sadly showing signs of fading away. :cry:

Dairy Creek GC - San Luis Obispo
This course is not very suited for hickory play with extreme slopes on blind shots that roll into junk after a well struck shot. The ball was "lost" and then found at least a half dozen times on the narrow hazard lined corridors, but somehow it survived. :o Not a single birdie on this day from the entire group. This little course ate my lunch. :lol:

I took on a few daring shots with danger lurking everywhere that had me holding my breath and on the edge of my seat. Fun to feel so much pressure when it's just a casual round. This challenge might be a newly discovered practice drill to sharpen one's focus. More likely, it's a good way to ingrain the complete conservative wuss approach every time a mildly risky challenge presents itself.
Total = 72 Holes.

Spring Hills GC - Watsonville
Another dubious hickory course. A close call on the wacky #12. Was giving up and about to pull the plug, when a faint off-white speck caught the corner of my eye, signaling a sign of hope from the abyss.

"We are here, we are here, we are here!" ... Horton hears a Who.

The McIntyre Logo on the cover has almost completely vanished.
Total = 90 Holes.

Pacific Grove GL - Pacific Grove
A rare solo twilight round at the links makes you appreciate the many fantastic options to choose from in the greater Monterey Bay. Started at 5:30 pm and dove across the finish line at 8:45 on a routinely crowded course! Was waved through on #6 and #10. Joined a 2some for last 3 holes.

Was caught off guard when a niblick from 80 yards disappeared into the hole for an eagle on #11 and can't help but let out an exhilarated, but yet somewhat subdued cheer. The chatter from a young group on the nearby 15th green is being carried by the wind. I can hear one of them retorting my celebration with a chuckle and the familiar "nice par, dude".

The off-white faded ball is clearly distinguished from my playing partner's pearly whites. The "Quest for 500" idea is born. :)

Total = 108 Holes.

... to be continued as replies/comments below.