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We enjoy playing historic golf courses with authentic 100 year old wood shafted golf clubs. We are an easygoing, no pressure, hit-it-and-go-hit-it-again group of players and have a lot of fun trading stories, clubs, and history.

We have several loaner sets and invite the curious to come experience the past and join our family of Northern California Hickory Golfers.

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Paul Tran is maintaining a facebook page for NorCal Hickory:

NorCal Hickory Latest Happenings

95th Annual Oakland City Amateur - May 6 & 7


95th Annual Oakland City - Hickory
May 6th & 7th, 2017
Lake Chabot GC
1922 - Willie Loch

Oakland, CA

* National Hickory Golf Day

1922 WPA-built clubhouse & practice green - Lake Chabot Golf Course

Cost = $105 - includes all green fees + awards/prizes.
* Carts if needed are an additional fee to be payed at course.
Online registration entry form here.

Yes, you read that right. This is the 95th year of this event. The first Championship being played in 1923 with hickory clubs! A who's who of Northern California golf, winners of the Oakland City Championship include British Open winner Tony Lema. This is a super event held on a fantastic mostly unmolested hickory era course that is very manageable in terms of length, generous width, and other hickory era play style features..

Sweeney smudging fingerprints on the Champion's Trophy dating all the way back to 1923.

Please sign up sooner than later if you are interested in attending so as to give the course a good indication of our active participation/enthusiasm.

  • 36 holes medal play (Sat & Sun) - USGA rules.
  • There are 2 flights you can sign up for Senior Net and Men's Net
    (both from WHITE TEES @ 5615 yards)
  • GHIN handicap required -- You will be competing against "modern day" players.
Typically for Saturday, hickory players will play as a group together. On Sunday, the pairings will be based on Saturday's net scores (leader's)... meaning in all likelihood, you will be paired with modern players for final day.

post below in this forum thread, call/email us.
or contact pro Sieg @ Lake Chabot:
Siegfried Wroebel
General Manager, PGA
Lake Chabot G.C.
Touchstone Golf
510-351-5812 ext.7

2017 Olde Time Days - Pacific Grove - May 13th


2017 Olde Time Days - Pacific Grove Golf Links
Saturday May 13th @ 11:30

Pacific Grove Golf Links
1932 - H. Chandler Egan - Front 9
1960 - Jack Neville - Back 9
5571 yards Par 70 - White Tees

Cost = $54
payable to course.
carts $10 additional fee.

2015 - John, Stacy, Jacques, and Paul putting out on the 13th

2016 - Steve, Orion, Tim, and Erik survive the blustery conditions.

Come join us for a fun day of golf at the scenic Pacific Grove golf links in Monterey on Saturday, May 13th @ 11:30.

Please get in touch with us if you'd like to participate.

2016 COW Cup - Eugene, Oregon

2016 COW Cup - California vs Oregon/Washington
Emerald Valley Golf Club
Creswell, Oregon

A very professional & artistic 2016 COW Cup Scoreboard.
Von is the man!

Oct 2016, Emerald Valley GC - Creswell Oregon
There's a joke that our friends to the north mock us Californians with. The joke is, we're made of sugar and should a single drop of rain hit our heads, we dissolve to puddles. And so our brave sugar-coated warriors left 80+ degree Indian Summer conditions in the bay area, trekked up the I-5 corridor to the quaint town of Creswell, Oregon, just south of Eugene, and to the home of "water loving" Ducks. Our faces were long and morale low with the recent tornadoes, 8 inches-per-second rain fall, and the other wet & wild Pacific North West Octoberfests we'd all witnessed on the news just days prior. It was a bit cocky to hold such an event in late October for this part of the world, but mother nature would give us Californians a hall pass for our bravery. With what the Oregon/Washington team laughed off as "bathing suit" fair weather conditions, we felt relief in the warm sunshine that blanketed, the unfamiliar to us, lush green conditions. If you are in the area of Eugene, make sure to pay a visit to Emerald Valley Golf Club. It certainly lives up to its emerald moniker. A big thank you to resident pro Chris Isaacson & staff for the fantastic playing conditions and hospitality!

The COW cup kicked off Friday evening at the local tavern (TJ's) with the resident Oregon Ducks taking on Cal back home in Berkeley. Kris Surano decked in his alma matter Cal Bears hat, sweatshirt, and from what he describes, Cal underwear (no pictures, but we'll take his word on that one), made quite the entrance. Luckily, the locals didn't chase us out of town and only verbally beat us up... and not too badly.


Day 1 - Saturday, Oct 22nd - Chapman Format
The Oregon/Washington team went a little easy on us for the following day 1 of matches as well. The final tally being 2 points for CA and 3 points for OR/WA in the Chapman format. The 3rd and go ahead point coming from Washington's Peter Yagi in the only singles match of the day. Up-and-down-from-anywhere-Pete, as we soon labeled him, made Victor Dubuisson's famous Accenture match play performance look like amateur hour in comparison! There was no place on the course where Peter couldn't get up and down! :o

A big scare for the hickory world as our beloved NorCal member, Dana Niehaus, was brought back to life (literally) in an automobile accident near Bend. Dana suffered a heart attack, lost consciousness as well as control of car, but is OK and will be flying home later this week. We expect to see this tough guy back on the course soon! We love you Dana, and get well soon!

In Dana's absence, a local Emerald Valley member by the name of Bob Forbis, wearing a bright green Oregon Ducks ball cap, stepped in for the California team. Never having swung a hickory club, Bob partnered with Wolfensperger and the 2 Bob's secured a much needed point. Thanks Bob for being such a sport! :)

"C" stands for crisp, clean, cool-under-pressure, center-of-the-green California command.
Erik leads us off to a good start on the 1st hole.

Day 2 - Sunday Oct 23rd
With a whopping 13 points up for grabs, the COW cup resumed with traditional Singles matches alongside Fourball. The 9th hole would provide fireworks for the 1st group. Jim von Lossow, 2 down, trapped in a fairway bunker with his opponent some 50 yards up ahead in the middle of the fairway, "played the odd", and hit it to within 10 feet, winning the hole from an otherwise dire looking scenario. Jim would go on to win the next hole and finally the match on the 17th. Not to be outdone, Erik Beer, would make his own "splash" out of the 9th's greenside bunker. Pressed up against the back edge with little backswing, on a downslope, he skirted the bunker's front lip. The ball reacted with a few skips on the green's surface and then crashed into the flagstick to the bottom of the hole for a near impossible birdie, giving the Californians a 3 up lead and a much needed cushion for the remainder of the match. Up-and-down Pete, once again showed his short game prowess, turning 3 shots into 2 from 50 yards on the 18th, to snatch a half point for the "OW" team with a timely birdie.

"Yes, I'll take a little bit of that sunscreen, thank you."

After Chuck McCollum and Kris Surano won 4 points out of 3 available? (Chuck took on 2 Or/Wa players), the COW Cup was tied at 7-1/2 points a piece. So out to the 17th tee box, COW Bells in tow, we watched the anchor group decide the outcome. In a close match, the final group of Bob Wolfensperger and Steve Viskochil just squeezed past their tough opponents in Terry Sumrall and Troy Brown, and California slung the COW belt over its shoulder.

Thanks to all that made the trip from the greater bay area in the South, and the Seattle hub in the North. Big kudos to Martin Pool, for plotting the fantastic pairings and matchups. You done good! :D

Everyone is beyond excited with the prospects of doing this again next year.

Emerald Valley has a nice facebook writeup here:
Emerald Valley - Facebook
This includes a video of OR/WA's captain Jim and his smooth swing - no wonder have yet to beat that guy!

NorthWest Hickory has written up a nice review of the event at their site here:
Results @ NorthWest Hickory
Uploaded photos on their facebook page here:
COW Cup @ NorthWest facebook page

An album has been started here at NorCal Hickory, if you'd like to upload any pictures you've taken:

2016 San Francisco Hickory Open

2016 San Francisco Hickory Open
Saturday & Sunday, October 8th & 9th
Historic Lincoln and Sharp Park Golf Courses

October 2016, San Francisco - Lincoln Park Golf Course 80 degrees!
As promised, the weather for our San Francisco Hickory Open was perfect as it has been every year. In fact, we'll guarantee that next year's October tradition will bring the same wonderful playing conditions.

The NorCal crew hanging in the shade.

Nothing represents San Francisco and Northern California better than the unmistakable landmark that is the Golden Gate Bridge. Add a near 100 year old golf hole to the mix and you have NorCal Hickory Golf at its finest.

An early Lincoln Park GC postcard.

This weekend, as has been the case each year with fleet week, the Blue Angels dart back and forth over Lincoln Park with their rehearsed sorties. It might not be the most traditional arrangement and the engine roar can be a bit distracting for golf at times, but it's an amazing spectacle we look forward to every October.

Blue Angels on cue as part of the SFHO tradition.

While it's easy to get lost in the incredible sights and scenery that abound Lincoln Park, we actually were playing a "tournament". Lincoln Park is one of the most interesting short hickory courses in our state and a fair-for-all challenge. It certainly has a rich tradition of hosting prestigious and long standing amateur tournaments.

Bo Links, golf historian and San Francisco Public Golf Alliance writes:

The San Francisco City Championship, “The City,” as the local championship is known, is the oldest consecutively played competition in the world. Even the British Open – golf’s oldest championship, which began in 1861 – took time of when the world was at war. So did the U.S. Open, the PGA Championship and the Masters, the other events comprising the modern “Grand Slam.” So did virtually every other major event...

The San Francisco Hickory Open takes pride in knowing that we're in some small way, part of the oldest consecutively played competition in the world when we tee it up at Lincoln.

This installment of the Open crowned Michael Scott our 2016 San Francisco Hickory Open winner. Michael was the only player to break par this year with a solid 2 under par 66. Steve Henneuse was our low gross medalist with a 5 over par 73, playing the remaining 17 holes even par after an opening 9 on the 1st hole! :lol:

The usual individual hole-by-hole electronic scorecards can be viewed on our results page here:
2016 San Francisco Hickory Open results

Lincoln Park's rolling terrain, shot making, and short length, makes for an exciting skins game. New-to-hickory Andy Trice and his first-time-hitting-hickory friend, Chris, both won a skin and wowed us w/ their introductions. Thanks for playing and joining our group! ;)

Gross - 5 skins @ $9 each
Net - 7 skins @ $6 each

#1 par4) Stacy Brown - Net 3
#2 par4) Steve Henneuse - Gross 3
#3 par3 - dogleg!) Michael Scott - Net 2
#5 par4) Steve Henneuse - Gross 3 - Net 2
#7 par4) Chris Bunnel - Net 3
#9 par4) Michael Scott - Net 3
#12 par3) Steve Henneuse - Gross 3
#15 par4) Andy Trice - Net 3
#17 par3.5) Steve Henneuse - Gross 3
#18 par4) Orion Galioni - Gross 3 - Net 2

When the round ends at Lincoln, the fun just gets going! Last year it was brats and booze in the German Oktoberfest tradition. This year, it was just booze. Just across the street from Lincoln Park, the Tee-off Bar & Grill poured our post round hooch. All joined in singing the national anthem alongside a Gerry Garcia look-a-like as our beloved San Francisco Giants took to the field in the NLDS. Michael Scott's representative Orange and Black outfit unfortunately turned to just pure black the following day. All mourned our 1-0 loss to the Chicago Cubs in a tight game.

18th Fairway - Go Giants! Michael snubs tradition for color & fun.
San Fran Golden Gate in background

Here's a few more fun pictures sent in by Jim Thompson:
San Francisco Hickory Open Album
IMG 447 IMG 450 IMG 451
IMG 452 IMG 453 IMG 454

A big hole in our yearly tradition, and noticeably missing from our group, was John Sweeney and Tim England. John the thrill seeker had crashed his mountain bike a week earlier dislocating a shoulder. The doctor's orders were no golf for the remainder of the year. Tim had a hernia operation. That night at the Tee-Off Bar & Grill, we each signed a get well soon card for John. The next day, much to everyone's surprise, John made the one-handed drive to Sharp Park. Our card was waiting for him as an even bigger surprise. :)

John the Thrill seeker - Get Well Soon Card

For Tim, we raised a toast in his honor at Sharp Park in admiration of his beautifully hand crafted perpetual trophy. The individual award handed out to our eventual winner, was hand crafted by Tim as well. We very much appreciate your handiwork and artistry with these awards. Thank you, and get well soon Tim! :)

Tim England's beautifully hand crafted perpetual trophy gets in on the post round action!
Thanks Tim for another year of much appreciated awards.

While the San Francisco Hickory Open might not seem the largest scale tournament to those on the outside, we consider it a huge family event among intimate friends. It doesn't get much better than this and we look forward to reuniting again for next year's installment. The club has unanimously decided that future venues will be a single day of tournament golf followed by an optional fun day at nearby local courses.

The San Francisco Hickory Open will also rotate among a few of the surrounding bay area courses. Next year we'd like to visit historic Presidio GC just next door. Presidio being a Historic National Landmark built in 1895 and one of California's oldest courses.

1895 Presidio Golf Course - Site of 2017 San Francisco Hickory Open

2016 Monterey Hickory Classic - Del Monte

2016 Monterey Hickory Classic

Old Del Monte, Monterey
September in the Monterey Bay is where it's at! The summer fog drifts out to sea and the spectacular Indian Summer weather and clear skies return annually like clock work.

This was the NorCal hickory golf club's 3rd year playing at Del Monte with most of our local players making the short journey from their nearby homes. Dave McMurtrey, Bob Keeler, and Dan Vordale representing Southern California and the other half of our state. John McIntosh and wife represented the fine state of Arizona.

Tim England ... just a wee bit wide on his tee shot, gets his full money's worth of challenge!

The 2016 Monterey Hickory Classic got started Thursday afternoon with nine holes at Spring Hills followed by bocce ball, wine and a pot luck dinner at the Schlick's ranch home, just off the 12th fairway. The wives were soon pitted against husbands on the crushed oyster court and promptly dished out a can of whoop-ass. Thank you Willy and Susan for your generous hospitality.

Susan and Willy Schlick

Friday, September 16th
The first order of business was to hand out the customized mesh pattern golf balls that all competitors were required (highly encouraged or face peer ridicule) to play. Three golf balls are more than adequate ammunition for Del Monte and most left with their full arsenal. A big thanks to Dave Brown, owner of the McIntyre Golf Ball company for such a speedy order. Plan on using the ball again next year! :)

The official 2016 Monterey Hickory Classic golf ball.

Scoring this year was a bit higher than usual due mostly to some tricky pin locations. Battle scars of 5 putts and more were a common theme heard at the post round gathering. Yours truly, after swapping my tried-and-true putter with one from the loaner sets, set off with a 3 putt from 5 feet on the first green and never recovered. It was tuff putting out there!

Jim "turk" Thompson shows how to tame Del Monte greens by knocking em' close!

Rising to the top, Willy Schlick, was crowned our 2016 Monterey Hickory Champion with a hard fought even par 72 and the only competitor in the field without a double bogey or worse. Bob Keeler was runner up missing by a mere shot (73). A valiant comeback after an opening 10 on the first hole! :o Nice playing Bob. NorCal's poster boy, John Sweeney, finished 3rd.

The hole-by-hole individual electronic scorecards can be found on the results page here:
2016 Monterey Hickory Classic results

2015 gross winner Gary Yoro and our 2016 gross champion Les Teuteberg have several things in common. Both were first time hickory players (and remember there is no driving range at Del Monte). Both are plus handicap players and both share the Spring Hills course record (63). But hickory golf isn't always that easy. Nearly all the players could best Les' quadruple 8 on the 3rd hole. :oops: 12 steady pars however, helped neutralize the slight blemish en route to a permanent plaque on our perpetual trophy. Thanks for playing Les! :)

2016 Champion Willy Schlick and low gross medalist Les Teuteberg

Here's a few pictures that showcase what the event is all about. A big thanks to the Del Monte staff and grounds crew for another fantastic venue. We'll see you again in 2017!






2016 Olde Time Days - Pacific Grove


2016 Olde Time Days - Pacific Grove Golf Links
Best Ball Blind Draw
Pacific Grove Golf Links
1932 - H. Chandler Egan - Front 9
1960 - Jack Neville - Back 9
5571 yards Par 70 - White Tees

Thnx passerby Sean for emailing us this fun pic!

June 4th, 2016
Golf at Pacific Grove, especially the back nine, needs wind for a true links test. "Nae wind, Nae Golf!" We got WIND! :)

This year's format was Best Ball Blind Draw with random pairings matching cards and recording their best net score per hole. The winning team of Steve Viskochil and Steve Henneuse just edged out the field with a 7 under par 63. A three-way tie for runner up went to a card off with John Sweeney and Dana Niehaus capturing 2nd place.

Stacy Brown was our low individual and only player to break par this blustery day with a fantastic 65.

individual hole-by-hole electronic scorecards here:
2016 Olde Time Days results

A big thanks to Tim, Stacy and Michael for handling all the pairings, scoring, scoreboard, and presentation of awards. Orion made sure we were error-free with our skins game results.

The strong winds made for an exciting skins game with a handful of winners; Stacy taking home 4 juicy bacon slabs.

Gross - 7 skins @ $8 each
Net - 9 skins @ $8 each

#1 par3) Stacy Brown - Gross 2 - Net 1
#2 par3) Michael Scott - Net 2
#4 par4) Stacy Brown - Net 3
#7 par4) Steve Henneuse - Gross 3
#7 par4) Stacy Brown - Net 2
#8 par4) Erik Beer - Gross 4 - Net 3
#9 par3) Dana Niehaus - Gross 3
#10 par3) Steve Youngdale - Net 2
#11 par4) Dana Niehaus - Net 3
#12 par5) Steve Henneuse - Gross 3 - Net 2
#13 par4) Orion Galioni - Gross 4
#14 par4) Steve Viskochil - Net 3
#17 par3) Erik Beer - Gross 2


Thanks to the Pacific Grove staff for another great day of golf.
Was a fun day on the WINDY links! :)
We'll do it again next year.

2016 Apple City Hickory Open

2016 Apple City Hickory Open

2016 Apple City Hickory Open Winners (L to R)
John Sweeney 3rd - Dana Niehaus Champion - Steve Viskochil 2nd.

Saturday May 14th,
Every now and then a golfer breaks free and puts together that inspiring round that everyone looks at in awe. Our 2016 Apple City Champion and low gross winner, Dana Niehaus, shredded the course and competition with a 9 under par 63 that was darn impressive! Great playing to a well deserved champion.


Our 2nd place winner was new-to-hickory-player Steve Viskochil, shooting even par 72 after stumbling out of the blocks with an 8 on the first hole! :o Nice Brassie by the way!

Last year's Champion and Apple City poster boy, John "the foozler" Sweeney, nipped out a few close pursuers for 3rd place, with a fine 1 over par 73.

Glenn Lynch, Brian Stipanovich, and Ron Taylor were our Scramble winners, firing a smooth even par 72 gross (Combined 41 with 8 blind bogey holes). They are looking forward to next year's event and playing solo! :) They'll be tough.

Our 2 closest to the pin winners:
Brian Stipanovich #9 - 5' 6"
Tim England #13 - 20' 7"

We had a few first time hickory players that picked up loaner clubs that morning and did extremely well on a very unforgiving golf course; some playing the course for the first time... Wow!

The usual hole-by-hole electronic scorecards uploaded to our results page here:
Results 2016 Apple City Hickory Open

$200 gift certificate/prize breakdown:
$60 1st - $40 2nd - $25 3rd.
$15 x 3 - Winning Scramble team.
$15 x 2 - Closest to flag

As always a big thanks to Amy, Jacques and the Spring Hills staff for doing all that they do and for allowing us to host the post round celebration in the pergola patio.


A big thanks to Michael Scott and wife Lorri for supplying the generous case of Jacques' fabulous wine. It was fantastic!

If you have any pictures to upload (I unfortunately took none), there is a gallery dedicated to the event here:
2016 Apple City Hickory Open photo gallery

IMG 389 IMG 390

See you next year!

94th Annual Oakland City - Hickory

94th Annual Oakland City - Hickory

Sweeney smudging fingerprints on the Champion's Trophy dating all the way back to 1923.

May 1st, 2016 - National Hickory Golf Day
Five National Hickory Golf Day ambassadors from the NorCal Hickory group represented in the 94th Annual Oakland City at Lake Chabot Golf Course. This event originated in 1923 with the first winners playing with the same wooden clubs we've now brought back. Winners of this event are a who's who of NorCal golf and include names such as British Open winner Tony Lema.

This year there were just over 140 players traversing Lake Chabot's hilly terrain. This is a very unique event on a very hickory friendly 1922 built course where very little has changed. There are other 100 year old amateur events, but most are exclusively scratch championships and would discourage hickory golfers from participating. Not so here at Lake Chabot. This event is very accessible to all including a Senior Net & Men's Net division.


A big thnx to the staff and fellow competitors for allowing us to share our love of playing hickory golf. We always meet the nicest people at this event. The surprise hickory division trophy that the pro supplied was a nice touch, Thank you.


Congrats to Michael Scott in winning the Senior Net flight with hickory clubs! He received a FREE entry into next year's event along with $150 gift certificate. Nice shootin! :)

The 100th year of this event is fast approaching. If you have the time and are in the area, you should consider playing in the Oakland City Championship. You'll have a blast.... we sure did!

Lake Chabot GC
1922 - Willie Loch

It has been great fun reading about the various activities each regional group did for National Hickory Golf Day. What a great idea Durel of APNational came up with to unite everyone. Look forward to being a part of this next year.

Update April 23rd:
Wishing the 5 hickory competitors luck in the 94th running of the Oakland City Championship this upcoming weekend. Kudos for stepping out of the norm and being the unique hickory golf ambassadors on National Hickory Golf Day. Hit 'em straight and show all those other 440cc titanium competitors how to have fun!

The brave hickory ambassadors:
Michael Scott
Kris Surano
Dana Niehaus
John Sweeney
Steve Henneuse

Par 3 9th hole: Just a wee bit downhill!

2016 Sacramento Outing & Skins - Haggin Oaks


Haggin Oaks Outing & Skins
Friday April 8th - 12:00 Noon
Haggin Oaks GC
1932 - Alister MacKenzie

John, Stacy & Steve - 2016 Season opener - Haggin Oaks, Sacramento

April 8th, 2016 - Sacramento
The NorCal Hickory group headed inland to our state's capital to kickoff the 2016 season. The 1932 Alister MacKenzie designed course at Haggin Oaks Golf complex was a great fit for our 100 year old technology. This is a huge golf complex with all sorts of facilities and functions happening everywhere around you, but the management does a superb job keeping everything organized with their professionalism and courtesy. The course was in great shape and felt very secluded once we got out there. All had great things to say of our visit and hope the venue becomes a tradition on our calendar.

We had a blowout in our skins game with Erik Beer cashing in on nearly half the pot (7 of 16 skins). With a few net eagles and even a net "hole-in-one", this was a tuff group.

$50 Gross (8 skins @ $6 each)
$50 Net (8 skins @ $6 each)

#1 par5) Erik Beer - Gross 5
#2 par4) Steve Henneuse - Gross 3 - Net 2
#4 par5) Erik Beer - Gross 4 - Net 3
#6 par3) Stacy Brown - Gross 2 - Net 1
#7 par4) Chuck McCollum - Net 3
#9 par4) Erik Beer - Gross 4 - Net 3
#10 par4) Steve Henneuse - Gross 3
#11 par5) Erik Beer - Gross 4 - Net 3
#12 par3) Steve Henneuse - Gross 2
#16 par3) Stacy Brown - Net 2
#17 par5) Dana Niehaus - Net 4

Here's a photo album of the event and a place to add any pictures:
2016 Haggin Oaks photo gallery

IMG 367 IMG 368 IMG 369
IMG 370 IMG 371 IMG 372
IMG 373 IMG 374 IMG 376

2015 Turkey Shoot - Spring Hills - SCRAMBLE

Tim - 2015 Turkey Shoot

The 2015 season concluded with a Turkey Shoot Scramble. A casual fun event mostly attended by the Santa Cruz/Spring Hill's family, 82 players were in attendance for this year's tradition. Our 4 hickory teams starting on the difficult 8th and 9th holes.

nice chip Dylan!

The format was blind draw scramble. At round's conclusion, 6 holes were randomly drawn and the totals for these 6 holes were used to calculate a handicap. The resulting handicap was then added or subtracted from the team's 18 hole score.

Results/holes that were picked:

The team of Dana, Paul and Steve just edged out the other groups by a single stroke. Willy, Bob, Susan and Jaime were awarded runner-ups after a back 9 cardoff. "Turkeys" (20 dollar gift certificates) were awarded to the winning players.


Gerry, Stacy, John, and Tim were the only team to hand in a perfect card (no bogeys) with some outstanding scrambling and putting from the group.

A big thanks to the Spring Hills Men's club for inviting us to participate in the annual event. Look forward to doing it again next year!