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--- 2015 Turkey Shoot ---
Spring Hills
November 22, 2015

Tim - 2015 Turkey Shoot

The 2015 season concluded with a Turkey Shoot Scramble. A casual fun event mostly attended by the Santa Cruz/Spring Hill's family, 82 players were in attendance for this year's tradition. Our 4 hickory teams starting on the difficult 8th and 9th holes.

nice chip Dylan!

The format was blind draw scramble. At round's conclusion, 6 holes were randomly drawn and the totals for these 6 holes were used to calculate a handicap. The resulting handicap was then added or subtracted from the team's 18 hole score.

Results/holes that were picked:

The team of Dana, Paul and Steve just edged out the other groups by a single stroke. Willy, Bob, Susan and Jaime were awarded runner-ups after a back 9 cardoff. "Turkeys" (20 dollar gift certificates) were awarded to the winning players.


Gerry, Stacy, John, and Tim were the only team to hand in a perfect card (no bogeys) with some outstanding scrambling and putting from the group.

A big thanks to the Spring Hills Men's club for inviting us to participate in the annual event. Look forward to doing it again next year!