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--- 2017 COW Cup ---
Centennial GC
October 22, 2017

2017 COW Cup
California vs Oregon/Washington

Centennial Golf Club
Medford, Oregon

Jim von Lossow's professional artwork says it all - California wins!

A big thnx to Martin Pool for once again formulating the winning pairings as well as being responsible for the nifty medals slung on the Californian's necks!


Thank you Steve and Cindy Wilt of Medford, for graciously hosting our Saturday night gala. Seen here strumming w/ our own Michael Scott.

The Medford Tribune, wrote up a nice article here: ... and-cleeks

Northwest hickory players has a well written recap here: ... s-results/

The dates of Sept 22nd & 23rd, as well as returning to Centennial, are being considered for next year's battle.

A photo gallery was started here if you have additional photos to add:
2017 COW Cup Photo Album

IMG 538 IMG 539 IMG 537 IMG 536