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--- 2014 Mare Island Outing ---
Mare Island
August 08, 2014


NorCal Hickory Golf Outing:
Friday, August 8th @ 1:00
Mare Island Golf Club
Mare Island - Vallejo
1892 - ??? - 9 holes
2000 - Robin Nelson - 2nd nine

The magnificent seven had a great time despite the not so receptive pro shop and blow out at the bar! :) No skins game this time, but some good scores and a lot of fun. Thnx to all for making the trip!

Here's a few pics from Kris photo album:
IMG 105IMG 104IMG 102
IMG 98IMG 97IMG 95IMG 103

Some History from the course's website:
Established in 1892, Mare Island Golf Club in Vallejo, California is the oldest golf course west of the Mississippi River. Originally built as a 9-hole course, its first 30 years included sand greens and dry fairways. The course began near the former Marine Barracks and proceeded south to Lake Rodgers (built in 1876 and named after Rear Admiral Rodgers), then returned to the start.

The old course was noted for unusual hazards such as Lake Rodgers, rattlesnakes, ground squirrels and a horse. For the unlucky golfer who was bit by a snake an anti-venom kit was readily available on a fence post at Lake Rodgers.

As for the horse, he belonged to Mare Island Marine Lieutenant Jack Meyers and was forever ambling up to the golf course, where golfers invariably found him standing between their ball and the pin. It was said, every rock and clod on the mesa had been thrown at the horse. Eventually, local rules were changed to allow a player to relocate a ball blocked by the horse, without penalty.