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Mashie Niblick - My work horse club

Postby ebeer » Mon Dec 22, 2014


When I started building my play set a while back, I read a lot of information on hickory forums and resources. Also talked with a few long time players, several suggested finding a good mashie and building your set around that. That wasn't exactly my experience, but it did get me to thinking about the club I use the most...and for me it's a mashie niblick.

This club doesn't have the largest span of distance. I can hit a mashie reasonably from 120-170yds, but typically use it only from 150-170yds. The mashie niblick for me is my first (and usually only) choice from 130-150yds. When a shorter approach into the green provides for a lower shot where I can count on a longer "on green" run out, I find myself occasionally reaching for the mashie niblick instead of a niblick (remembering advice from Bobby Jones who liked to get the ball on the green as soon as possible and run it up). But the most common use for my mashie niblick (especially as someone who misses a fair amount of GIR) is the 25yd and less green side chip shot. Unless I truly need a lofted club to get up quickly and stop ASAP, I opt for mashie niblick pitch and run out.

Distance chart - hickory

Thinking about this got me interested enough to map out the general distances for each of the clubs in my playset. I don't always carry a driving mashie, but included it for reference. I tried to pick a range of distances and chart each of my clubs, and what really stuck out was the mashie niblick. For me it's by far the most played club in my bag. 36.2" in length, 42 degrees of loft, and a D3 swing weight make a super versatile club.

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Paul Powers

Re: What's your work horse club?

Postby Paul Powers » Tue Dec 23, 2014

You hit your clubs too far. :) Mashie niblick is my goto club as well.

Your chart is interesting in that the longer irons don't overlap. I wish my setup was dialed in like that.

One thing to consider about the ole' days of golf, was that green speeds were extremely slow. A low running chip shot was a lot more forgiving in terms of "run out". Most chip shots we face today (especially in California w/ kukuya rough) you are trying to stop the ball as fast as you can, but most often the ball rolls past the hole just because the greens are so darn fast.

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Steve H

Re: What's your work horse club?

Postby Steve H » Fri Jul 08, 2016

A year and a half is a long time to respond to this so forgive my necrophilia. It only became obvious after creating the new article feature on the website that I had missed this. Great info and advice. Thnx for sharing.

Paul Powers wrote:You hit your clubs too far. :)
Ya he does. :lol:

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