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West Coast - Durel Billy of APNational - SoHG Candidate

Postby Steve H » Tue Oct 25, 2016

We've received word that Durel Billy of APNational Hickory (Washington State) is a candidate for the upcoming Society of Hickory Golf board election and urge NorCal members to support your fellow West Coast representatives with a vote.

It has been a great pleasure knowing Durel for the past few years. His progressive, creative, and forward thinking is unmatched. Hickory golf's greatest hurdle facing the next decades, is inspiring the younger generations to take up this wonderful endeavor. Durel is just the person to bring fresh, new, and invigorating energy to the sport. In just a short time, Durel has helped forge the greater Pacific North West to become the mega hickory player base that it is. Our West Coast is on the map and radar of the rest of the country thanks in great part to his tireless efforts and nonstop commitment to growing hickory golf and a greater West Coast player base for all of us.

There are many examples of Durel's creativity that puts him a top the candidate list. Durel is the brains, creator, and #1 promoter of National Hickory Golf Day. An event that brings hickory golfers around the globe together by sharing and spreading the word of our passion and joy through local activities. Nothing of late can compare to this fresh new idea and its future impact. This is just one example of many and what Durel brings to the table.

Durel has helped NorCal immensely with his creative input and experience. When we're not sure about an event or have reservations, his wisdom and insight helps lead us to a solution.

Durel is a natural leader and has all the qualities and right stuff to lead us forward. He has our vote! We hope he has yours too.

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