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Steve H

2016 Monterey Hickory Classic - Del Monte

Postby Steve H » Tue Jun 07, 2016

2016 Monterey Hickory Classic

Old Del Monte, Monterey
September in the Monterey Bay is where it's at! The summer fog drifts out to sea and the spectacular Indian Summer weather and clear skies return annually like clock work.

This was the NorCal hickory golf club's 3rd year playing at Del Monte with most of our local players making the short journey from their nearby homes. Dave McMurtrey, Bob Keeler, and Dan Vordale representing Southern California and the other half of our state. John McIntosh and wife represented the fine state of Arizona.

Tim England ... just a wee bit wide on his tee shot, gets his full money's worth of challenge!

The 2016 Monterey Hickory Classic got started Thursday afternoon with nine holes at Spring Hills followed by bocce ball, wine and a pot luck dinner at the Schlick's ranch home, just off the 12th fairway. The wives were soon pitted against husbands on the crushed oyster court and promptly dished out a can of whoop-ass. Thank you Willy and Susan for your generous hospitality.

Susan and Willy Schlick

Friday, September 16th
The first order of business was to hand out the customized mesh pattern golf balls that all competitors were required (highly encouraged or face peer ridicule) to play. Three golf balls are more than adequate ammunition for Del Monte and most left with their full arsenal. A big thanks to Dave Brown, owner of the McIntyre Golf Ball company for such a speedy order. Plan on using the ball again next year! :)

The official 2016 Monterey Hickory Classic golf ball.

Scoring this year was a bit higher than usual due mostly to some tricky pin locations. Battle scars of 5 putts and more were a common theme heard at the post round gathering. Yours truly, after swapping my tried-and-true putter with one from the loaner sets, set off with a 3 putt from 5 feet on the first green and never recovered. It was tuff putting out there!

Jim "turk" Thompson shows how to tame Del Monte greens by knocking em' close!

Rising to the top, Willy Schlick, was crowned our 2016 Monterey Hickory Champion with a hard fought even par 72 and the only competitor in the field without a double bogey or worse. Bob Keeler was runner up missing by a mere shot (73). A valiant comeback after an opening 10 on the first hole! :o Nice playing Bob. NorCal's poster boy, John Sweeney, finished 3rd.

2015 gross winner Gary Yoro and our 2016 gross champion Les Teuteberg have several things in common. Both were first time hickory players (and remember there is no driving range at Del Monte). Both are plus handicap players and both share the Spring Hills course record (63). But hickory golf isn't always that easy. Nearly all the players could best Les' quadruple 8 on the 3rd hole. :oops: 12 steady pars however, helped neutralize the slight blemish en route to a permanent plaque on our perpetual trophy. Thanks for playing Les! :)

2016 Champion Willy Schlick and low gross medalist Les Teuteberg

Here's a few pictures that showcase what the event is all about. A big thanks to the Del Monte staff and grounds crew for another fantastic venue. We'll see you again in 2017!






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Steve H

Re: 2016 Monterey Hickory Classic - Old Del Monte - Sept 16th

Postby Steve H » Wed Jun 08, 2016

Update Sept 1st
Dave Brown informs that the 6 dozen custom Ouimet balls are on their way! 8-)

The NorCal Hickory group returns to Old Del Monte for our 3rd annual Monterey Hickory Classic this fall and invites all to join the yearly celebration. Typically the months of Autumn, or what is commonly referred to as our "Indian Summer", are much warmer than our summers and are the best time of year for the Monterey Bay.

*site of 2017 U.S. Hickory Open

Designed by Charles Maud in 1897 and touted as being the oldest course west of the Mississippi in continuous operation, Del Monte is owned and operated by the Pebble Beach company so you can expect excellent service and playing conditions. While the short course certainly appears easy on paper, Old D is well protected with fast contoured greens and plenty of greenside sand. There is not a single water hazard and very few instances where one can lose a ball, but mature Monterey Pine and Oak strategically plotted throughout the classic layout, require a plan and good course management to succeed.

Putting on a very early Del Monte green.

The old course is a breeze to walk, flat, with tees only a few steps away from previous green as would be expected with a course built over 100 years ago. The course routing does not return to clubhouse until the 18th hole.

The annual 3-tour First Tee Open hosted at nearby Pebble Beach, is scheduled for this very same week, as is the 59th annual Monterey Jazz Festival, so expect the city of Monterey and surroundings to be bustling with activities.

We have once again been graciously given a local NorCal rate, which extends to our guests. If you're in the area and have the time, we'd love to have you join us.

Cost = $60 Includes:
* all green fees + awards
* Sleeve of Ouimet mesh pattern balls.

* carts additional $20 per player if needed - payable at course.
Limited field - Please sign up before Sept 9th.

Entry Form

18 holes medal play - NET event using Sept 15th handicaps
Low gross individual to be additionally recognized.

McIntyre Golf Balls Only
* 1 Sleeve of Ouimet mesh balls included as tee prize.

UPDATED - Sept 5th- See later post below for more details.
Seniors and Super Seniors have the option of playing from the forward (2017 US Hickory Open approximate yardage)

Men playing from red tees - 5435 yds - 68.4/116 base for net calculations.
Men playing from white tees @ 6085yds – 70.2/128 - to receive 2 extra NET strokes.
Ladies play from red tees @ 5435 yds – 72.3/116 – to receive 4 extra NET strokes

Additional notes
A nice article by the NCGA that appeared in their e-magazine celebrating our 2014 event:
NorCal Hickory Sticks Group Tees it Up at Del Monte Golf Course

The course has a wonderful cafe and bar that serves lunch for those that might want to get to the course a bit early. Festivities typically overflow post event to a local restaurant/pub for the NorCal group... to be determined.

There is no driving range at Del Monte.

A life size mural capturing caddies from the early days of course, greets visitors just outside the proshop. Phil Mickelson's grandfather is one of the caddies in there somewhere!

If you received one of the entry forms we passed out at Pacific Grove's Olde Time Days, you'll notice there is an additional $10 fee added to the costs ($60 instead of $50). We're going to be testing out a "McIntyre Ball Only" requirement seeing as it's darn near impossible to lose a ball at Del Monte. :)

The $10 will cover a sleeve of 3 Ouimet mesh pattern balls given out to each player as a tee prize.

Extended discussion on the subject of period appropriate golf balls recently added to article section here:
Hickory Golf Balls - Why?

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Steve H

Re: 2016 Monterey Hickory Classic - Del Monte, Sept 16th

Postby Steve H » Sun Aug 21, 2016

Update August 21st:

We've received a slew of entry forms and want to thank all for sending in so early. Going to be another fun event.

Last year we had a small potluck social at Willy and wife Susan's ranch house just off the 12th hole @ Spring Hills and we want to do it again for Thursday Sept 15th around 5:00 ish. Bocci ball, spirits, & fun. The Schlick's live about 35 minutes north of Monterey.

A few of us are planning on playing an afternoon back 9 @ Spring Hills before the party at around 2:00 pm. Spring Hills is where we hold our annual Apple City Hickory Open and is a wonderful family run, home-built course best known for it's rural setting and quaint 100 year old Victorian ranch house that serves as the clubhouse. Course owner Amy always extends our guests the member rate which is about $15 bucks that time of day. If this fits your schedule, let us know and come join us.

Further announcement, directions, and details to be sent out via email shortly.

Clubhouse @ Spring Hills GC

Our Club Championship is the same weekend, so Stacy and I won't be able to attend any extra golf, but a few may be interested in a Sat morning round out at Pacific Grove as was done in the past. Will try to network and get those interested hooked up with each other.

If you have any questions or needs, please get in touch.
~ Steve

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Steve H

Re: 2016 Monterey Hickory Classic - Del Monte, Sept 16th

Postby Steve H » Wed Sep 07, 2016

A few have emailed with questions regarding next year's US Hickory Open and wanting to know what the yardage might be for 2017. Ernie Ernst from the SoHG has relayed their yardage guidelines and basically the "white" tees @ 6085 yards, will most likely represent the Championship Open division based on their numbers. The red tees (5435 yards) fits their guideline for Seniors. Super Seniors and Ladies typically play a course even shorter than that... which might equate to a few blocks in the fairway.

I certainly don't feel it fair to those Seniors and Super Seniors that want to experience this year's event as a precursor to next year's national stage, to have to play from what amounts to the Championship yardage. So please feel free to play from the RED tees if you so desire. A newsletter with formal rules and player information to be sent out shortly.

All of our NorCal events are based on NET performance. Our Champion is always the player with the lowest net score regardless of gender, age, or what tee they played. Our last 2 champions have in fact come from the red tees at Del Monte. (Stacy Brown (66) in 2014 and Kris Surano (63) in 2015).

Our annual skins game is a little unfair when players play from different tees, but that's just how the logistics fall. It's all good, and nobody seems to mind. We have a good time!

NET appropriations:
Men playing from Red tees will be the base for net calculations @ 5435 yds - 68.4/116
Men playing from White tees will receive 2 extra NET strokes - 6085yds – 70.2/128
Ladies playing from RED tees @ 5435 yds – 72.3/116 – to receive 4 extra NET strokes.

We also acknowledge our lowest gross players by means of engraving their names on our various perpetual trophies. In a few instances, the Champion (Net) and low gross are one and the same such as Dana's blistering net 63 - gross 78 at this year's Apple City! :o

To be clear, however, the lowest gross player of the tournament will be that player playing from the champion tees regardless of how low a player from a forward tee might shoot... including Santa Cruz's Julie Inkster from Pasatiempo when she someday accepts our invitation! :)


I feel we've paired accordingly, so that those that might want to play forward from the red tees will have someone else in their group as well.

See you next Friday!

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Steve H

Re: 2016 Monterey Hickory Classic - Del Monte

Postby Steve H » Thu Oct 27, 2016

Finally got around to updating 1st post w/ a recap of event. This fall calendar has been a busy one.
Had a wonderful time and look forward to doing it all over again in 2017! :)

Hole-by-hole individual electronic scorecards uploaded to the results page here:
2016 Monterey Hickory Classic results

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