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Steve H

2016 San Francisco Hickory Open

Postby Steve H » Tue Aug 16, 2016

2016 San Francisco Hickory Open
Saturday & Sunday, October 8th & 9th
Historic Lincoln and Sharp Park Golf Courses

October 2016, San Francisco - Lincoln Park Golf Course 80 degrees!
As promised, the weather for our San Francisco Hickory Open was perfect as it has been every year. In fact, we'll guarantee that next year's October tradition will bring the same wonderful playing conditions.

The NorCal crew hanging in the shade.

Nothing represents San Francisco and Northern California better than the unmistakable landmark that is the Golden Gate Bridge. Add a near 100 year old golf hole to the mix and you have NorCal Hickory Golf at its finest.

An early Lincoln Park GC postcard.

This weekend, as has been the case each year with fleet week, the Blue Angels dart back and forth over Lincoln Park with their rehearsed sorties. It might not be the most traditional arrangement and the engine roar can be a bit distracting for golf at times, but it's an amazing spectacle we look forward to every October.

Blue Angels on cue as part of the SFHO tradition.

While it's easy to get lost in the incredible sights and scenery that abound Lincoln Park, we actually were playing a "tournament". Lincoln Park is one of the most interesting short hickory courses in our state and a fair-for-all challenge. It certainly has a rich tradition of hosting prestigious and long standing amateur tournaments.

Bo Links, golf historian and San Francisco Public Golf Alliance writes:

The San Francisco City Championship, “The City,” as the local championship is known, is the oldest consecutively played competition in the world. Even the British Open – golf’s oldest championship, which began in 1861 – took time of when the world was at war. So did the U.S. Open, the PGA Championship and the Masters, the other events comprising the modern “Grand Slam.” So did virtually every other major event...

The San Francisco Hickory Open takes pride in knowing that we're in some small way, part of the oldest consecutively played competition in the world when we tee it up at Lincoln.

This installment of the Open crowned Michael Scott our 2016 San Francisco Hickory Open winner. Michael was the only player to break par this year with a solid 2 under par 66. Steve Henneuse was our low gross medalist with a 5 over par 73, playing the remaining 17 holes even par after an opening 9 on the 1st hole! :lol:

Lincoln Park's rolling terrain, shot making, and short length, makes for an exciting skins game. New-to-hickory Andy Trice and his first-time-hitting-hickory friend, Chris, both won a skin and wowed us w/ their introductions. Thanks for playing and joining our group! ;)

Gross - 5 skins @ $9 each
Net - 7 skins @ $6 each

#1 par4) Stacy Brown - Net 3
#2 par4) Steve Henneuse - Gross 3
#3 par3 - dogleg!) Michael Scott - Net 2
#5 par4) Steve Henneuse - Gross 3 - Net 2
#7 par4) Chris Bunnel - Net 3
#9 par4) Michael Scott - Net 3
#12 par3) Steve Henneuse - Gross 3
#15 par4) Andy Trice - Net 3
#17 par3.5) Steve Henneuse - Gross 3
#18 par4) Orion Galioni - Gross 3 - Net 2

When the round ends at Lincoln, the fun just gets going! Last year it was brats and booze in the German Oktoberfest tradition. This year, it was just booze. Just across the street from Lincoln Park, the Tee-off Bar & Grill poured our post round hooch. All joined in singing the national anthem alongside a Gerry Garcia look-a-like as our beloved San Francisco Giants took to the field in the NLDS. Michael Scott's representative Orange and Black outfit unfortunately turned to just pure black the following day. All mourned our 1-0 loss to the Chicago Cubs in a tight game.

18th Fairway - Go Giants! Michael snubs tradition for color & fun.
San Fran Golden Gate in background

Here's a few more fun pictures sent in by Jim Thompson:
San Francisco Hickory Open Album
IMG 447 IMG 450 IMG 451
IMG 452 IMG 453 IMG 454

A big hole in our yearly tradition, and noticeably missing from our group, was John Sweeney and Tim England. John the thrill seeker had crashed his mountain bike a week earlier dislocating a shoulder. The doctor's orders were no golf for the remainder of the year. Tim had a hernia operation. That night at the Tee-Off Bar & Grill, we each signed a get well soon card for John. The next day, much to everyone's surprise, John made the one-handed drive to Sharp Park. Our card was waiting for him as an even bigger surprise. :)

John the Thrill seeker - Get Well Soon Card

For Tim, we raised a toast in his honor at Sharp Park in admiration of his beautifully hand crafted perpetual trophy. The individual award handed out to our eventual winner, was hand crafted by Tim as well. We very much appreciate your handiwork and artistry with these awards. Thank you, and get well soon Tim! :)

Tim England's beautifully hand crafted perpetual trophy gets in on the post round action!
Thanks Tim for another year of much appreciated awards.

While the San Francisco Hickory Open might not seem the largest scale tournament to those on the outside, we consider it a huge family event among intimate friends. It doesn't get much better than this and we look forward to reuniting again for next year's installment. The club has unanimously decided that future venues will be a single day of tournament golf followed by an optional fun day at nearby local courses.

The San Francisco Hickory Open will also rotate among a few of the surrounding bay area courses. Next year we'd like to visit historic Presidio GC just next door. Presidio being a Historic National Landmark built in 1895 and one of California's oldest courses.

1895 Presidio Golf Course - Site of 2017 San Francisco Hickory Open

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Steve H

Re: 2016 San Francisco Hickory Open - Oct 8th & 9th

Postby Steve H » Tue Aug 16, 2016



Saturday, Oct 8th - 11:30
Lincoln Park Golf Course
1914 - Jack Neville and Herbert Fowler

* Fleet week and Blue angels scheduled for Sat in San Fran!

Sunday, Oct 9th - 11:00
Sharp Park Golf Course
1932 - Dr. Alister MacKenzie

Tournament Details
* 36 holes medal play NET event using Oct 1st handicaps
­ 18 holes Saturday & 18 holes Sunday.
­ Low gross to be additionally recognized.

Sporty! photo courtesy PWGA

NEW - We've invited Ladies and the Pacific Women's Golf Association to play in a special 10 hole scramble for Sunday's round (Sharp Park's 9th is nowhere near the clubhouse). We have all the loaner clubs and everything else you might need. Give us a shout and we'll set you up. Costs = green fee's at Sharp Park (~$50 on a Sunday for non-residents).

* Men ­ White tees
Lincoln Park ­ 4948 yards 64.6/106
Sharp Park ­ 6133 yards 70.4/118

* Ladies ­ Red tees
Lincoln Park ­ 4732 yards 67.0/106
Sharp Park ­ 5793 yards 72.9/120
(will receive 2 extra strokes @ Lincoln and 3 @ Sharp Park)

* Loaner clubs available as always!

~ Green fees (around $50 each course) payable at courses (or can be sent in advance to reserve space - will reimburse difference at course.)
­ please use entry form attached below if you'd like to send advance payment.

Informational .pdf & entry form:
2016 San Francisco Hickory Open.pdf
* Carts if needed, purchased separately at course.

* RSVP and sign up electronically via Eventbrite service or get in contact directly:
email (norcalhickory@yahoo.com)
phone (831-­247­-3447)


There is no deadline to enter, but please try to sign up sooner than later.
We have limited reserved space – These are both very busy golf courses.
It would be near impossible to accommodate those showing up at the course unannounced or calling at last minute!

Thank you for your timely entry and we look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!

2016 San Francisco Hickory Open
.pdf information file and entry form:
2016 San Francisco Hickory Open.pdf
(1.76 MiB) Downloaded 140 times

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Re: 2016 San Francisco Hickory Open - Oct 8th & 9th

Postby atrice » Mon Oct 03, 2016

Hi Steve,

I'm looking forward to the upcoming weekend! I am a city resident so I'm very familiar with the hit-or-miss operation at Lincoln. I will mention that, if you haven't been there for a while, they have really stepped things up in some areas. I hear that they have the greenskeepers from Harding helping out there now, and conditions very much reflect that. The greens are in great shape and the fairways are much better than they have been historically. They have a new fleet of electric carts, made repairs in the bathrooms, etc.

If you haven't decided on a postgame wrap venue, I may be able to assist. There is the Tee Off Bar & Grill just across the street from the Lincoln clubhouse. If you're looking for anything remotely sophisticated, the Tee Off is not the place, but they do have a good selection of beer.
tee-off-bar-and-grill @ Yelp

Diners, Drive-ins, and dives visited the place here:

Lincoln Park #17 in the video :)


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Steve H

Re: 2016 San Francisco Hickory Open - Oct 8th & 9th

Postby Steve H » Tue Oct 04, 2016

Thnx Andy. Looking forward to seeing you there.

"5 star dive bar!". :lol: Tim England and Dave McMurtrey have been talking about the Tee Off for a long time. Last year they were closed for renovations. Sounds like this may be the year. Yum. Guy sold me on the pork chop and "mac".

Take note that a teed up "driver" was used on the par 3 17th in that video! The last 3 holes at Lincoln are beasts! Bogeys are good scores. :D

Supposed to be 75 degrees Sat according to the weather report. :)

Good to hear Lincoln is getting a little bit of attention. Last year, the place was in pretty good shape. in 2014 not so. What a great course.

Our Del Monte gross champion, Les Teuteberg, is coming out to Lincoln along with another pga pro. Going to be a fun day. :o

Le Tour de NorCal News:
70+ year old pro thrill seeker, John Sweeney, crashed on a single track mountain bike adventure and dislocated his collar. He's OK, but no golf for the remainder of the year. I'll try to scan and upload the x-ray he sent when I get a chance. :(

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Re: 2016 San Francisco Hickory Open - Oct 8th & 9th

Postby atrice » Thu Oct 06, 2016

We can now guarantee blue skies, sunshine, and Blue Angels. Weather reported to be 75 degrees for Saturday!

Yes it's Fleet Week, and the Saturday airshow is scheduled from 12:30 to 4:00, we'll be able to see them from any number of vantage points on the golf course. With a little luck we might catch them from the spectacular 17th tee box with its panoramic view of the Golden Gate.


Fleet Week does draw tremendous crowds, and with the throngs of fans expected to line the fairways at the San Francisco Hickory Open, we urge attendees to plan carefully. :) Anyone coming from the Peninsula or south bay should consider coming up 280 to 19th Avenue.


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Steve H

Re: 2016 San Francisco Hickory Open

Postby Steve H » Wed Oct 26, 2016

What a great time. Was great seeing all. Updated 1st post w/ recap + pictures. Great playing Michael Scott!

The usual individual hole-by-hole electronic scorecards can be viewed on our results page here:
2016 San Francisco Hickory Open results

2017 San Francisco Hickory Open
Presidio Golf Club - 1895

Short History regarding Presidio here @

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