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-- 2019 Western Hickory Match Play --
Meadow Lakes & Juniper
May 26, 2019

2019 Western Hickory Match Play - Bend, Oregon

The second edition of the Western Hickory Match Play, a three day match play event that roams the West Coast, found its way to beautiful Bend, Oregon. While the unusual Memorial Day forecast of rain, snow, and temps in the 40's threatened, we miraculously managed to avoid it all.

Friday - Meadow Lakes GC
Day One was a Medal stroke play qualifier with the two lowest scores making up our championship pairing who would then go on to play a 36 hole match (2 days). The remaining players were broken up into brackets of 4 based on their scores to play 18 hole elimination matches. Sue Tracy, Steve Malmquist and John Quickstad leapfrogged their fellow competitors to qualify as the underdogs and potential spoilers in the "next flight up".

With winds gusting 20-25 mph, and water hazards lurking on every single hole, John Henry and Tom Tracy emerged our two top players shooting outstanding 74 and 76 respectively.

Water on EVERY hole @ Meadow Lakes!

Friday - Meadow Lakes

* Tom and Sue cleaned house in Friday's skins game.

Closest to the pin #4 - Albert Bruno
#4 par3) Albert Bruno - Gross 2
#5 par4) Sue Tracy - Gross 3 - Net 2
#7 par4) Tom Tracy - Gross 3 - Net 2
#9 par4) Tom Tracy - Gross 3 - Net 2
#10 par4) John Henry - Gross 4 - Net 3
#11 par4) John Quickstad - Gross 3 - Net 3
#12 par5) Tom Tracy - Gross 4
#13 par3) Jim Von Lossow - Gross 2
#14 par5) John Quickstad - Gross 5 - Net 4
#16 par4) Sue Tracy - Net 3
#17 par3) John Henry - Gross 2
#18 par4) Steve Henneuse - Gross 3

Saturday - Juniper GC
Day Two signaled the start of match play as we tee'd off under glorious blue skies and dead calm conditions. The round would conclude with even stronger winds than Friday! Our two champions would round the day off with Tom Tracy taking a 2 up lead into Sunday's final. Sue Tracy was the big spoiler knocking out #2 seed Dana 4 & 3!




Teeing off Juniper GC - Sand Tee Box.

Saturday - Juniper GC

Closest to the pin #13 - Ray Tokareff
#1 par4) Jim Von Lossow - Gross 3 - Net 2
#3 par3) Jim Von Lossow - Gross2
#4 par4) John Quickstad - Net 2
#9 par4) Tom Tracy - Gross 3 - Net 2
#5 par4) Martin Pool - Net 3
#9 par4) John Henry - Gross 4 - Net 3
#11 par4) Roberta Robbins - Net 2
#12 par4) Ray Tokareff - Gross 3
#16 par3) Sue Tracy - Net 2

Sunday - Aspen Lakes GC
Day Three finals found familiar grounds in two repeat matches from last year's inaugural Monterey event. Both would flip results with Ray Tokareff (6 & 5) coming out on top of Roberta Robbins and Steve Henneuse (2 & 1) just edging out Jim Von Lossow. A rubber match might be in order for next year's planned Paso Robles event. Martin Pool (3 & 2) was a repeat winner, squeaking by Saturday's spoiler Sue Tracy.

Take notes! Martin is undefeated in both the Western Hickory Match Play as well as the COW Cup!

Not many get the chance to play 36 holes of match play outside of the rare golf club that still honor match play as the only way to determine their club champion. Fewer might get to experience the pressure of having a 36 hole match come down to the last hole as did Tom and John. A close match and exciting finish to the 2019 Western Hickory Match Play, Tom's final putt was conceded and deemed champion. Congrats!

Tom and caddy Patrick

2019 Western Hickory Match Play

Restaurant @ Aspen Lakes was closed due to previous night wedding party. 9:00 AM - Egg bagels in baja's cafe... Tom had 2 beers.

Western Hickory Match Play - Tournament History

2018 - Monterey, California
Jim Von Lossow - Larry Sonnenberg - Martin Pool - Roberta Robbins

2019 - Bend, Oregon
Tom Tracy - Steve Henneuse - Martin Pool - Ray Tokareff